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General Info

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Safety Measures and Safe Practices

Parking Lot: Drop off/Pickup:

The front row parking stalls are permanently closed to allow a safer place for students and parents to wait prior to lining up for class entrance or while classes are on going. No excessive early drop off or late pickups are allowed as students cannot be supervised outside. Parents can drive thru to drop off students right before class but are recommended to park and physically pick up their child near the exit door at the completion of their class should they choose not to spectate.

Face Covering Policy:

As required by Hawaii State Law: ALL spectators and students must wear a face covering in the facility at all times. Coverings must be properly worn to ensure safety. Exceptions for face coverings will be for Twinkling Stars (parent & tot) Children ONLY or other children under the age of 3 years old. Please make sure your child has a properly fitted mask in order to participate.

Temperature Check Policy:

All persons (adults and children) entering the facility are required to receive a temperature check upon entry. Any temperature readings of 100.4 degrees or greater will not be permitted in the facility. Students will be able to schedule a make-up class once feeling better while adult or spectator entries will not be permitted. If temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees is that off a Preschool parent, that corresponding child will need to schedule a make-up class as we cannot allow unsupervised toddlers in the preschool area.

Social Distancing:

All persons including students and spectators should adhere to 6ft social distancing as best as possible at all times. All students will be spaced out accordingly throughout the duration of their class and markings in and around the gym will be visible to aid in safe distancing.

Entering /Exiting the Facility:

Outside the facility, line and floor markers located at the entrance will assist those in waiting with proper social distancing. Entrance will only be allowed within reasonable time prior to your scheduled class in order to maintain proper capacity limits. Attendance will be taken by a staff member upon door entry. Once allowed in, students will be directed where to place belongings and where to proceed for class.

At the End of Class:

Once class has ended, coaches will dismiss students to the gyms single exit door where they will be able to retrieve their personal belongings, and wash their hands before exiting. Accompanying adults or spectators for downstairs classes can await their child outside at the single exit doorway.

Traffic Flow:

Please respect the flow of traffic throughout our facility in all areas of our lobby, hallways, and offices as they are designated as one way. There is a single entrance door by the left garage and a single exit door by the right garage. Our front door entrance will be permanently closed in order to help monitor those entering the facility. All areas are clearly marked with signs and traffic arrows. Please be courteous of others and yield to those in passageways in order to allow safe distancing. Please note upstairs balcony area is limited to a certain amount of safe standing room for viewing and designated seating is marked and should not be moved. For those waiting for office assistance or restroom use, proper social distancing floor markers will be visible.