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Notification of withdrawal

 Notification of Withdrawal Policies and Procedures

Island Tumblers Gymnastics operates on a continual registration cycle, meaning that your child is automatically re-registered for each new session.

Notification of withdrawal (drop request) can be done via the parent portal on our website, written notification in person at our front office during regular office hours, or via email. Verbal notifications will not be accepted.

Withdrawals must be done no later than the Saturday prior to the start of the session.

If notification of withdrawal is not received prior to the start of the session, your child will be automatically re-registered, and tuition will be charged to your account.

If auto-pay information is removed from your account or if an invalid card is not updated, automatic enrollment will end for the next session.

All withdrawals received after the Saturday prior to the start of the session will be processed to withdraw at the end of the next session.